Applicator Tampons
Made in Europe fda approved, Sirona’s premium applicator tampons are made from natural absorbent fibres and are of the best applicator tampons available in India. The eight grooves along the length of the tampon regulate its even expansion and thus enhance its absorption and reliability. The rounded tip and the thin layer of special netting ensure the tampon’s increased density and smoothness which allows the simple and safe insertion of the tampon. For absolute comfort, smaller than traditional applicators and highly absorbent. Go ahead and embrace comfort during periods.

Benefits and Usage Guidelines

Unlike sanitary pads, using tampons during your periods is more liberating for all physical activities.Change your tampon every 4-6 hours & more frequently in case of a heavy flow. Be sure to remove the last tampon at the end of your period. Use tampons only during your period. Use only one tampon at a time. Avoid using tampon overnight. You do not need to change the tampon every time you urinate.

Swim,Cycle and Dance

Swimming during your periods wearing sanitary pads is a no-no. You can easily wear a Sirona tampon and dive right in. Enjoy your physical freedom during your periods. Tampons offer the benefit of invisible protection and help keep your period private. They can be worn with any outfit-short shorts, skirts or even bikini bottoms. Now, cycle with ease wearing tampons.Dance freely without any worries of leakage or wet sensation during your periods. Tampons allow you stress-free freedom of movement.


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